Goplay /ˈgō-plā/


: something your mom said when you were bored or played too many video games


: a really cool free app that lets you earn in game currency for being physically active


: a free platform for game developers that increases player conversion and retention

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We're tackling big problems.

(And we don't mean who's turn it is to take out the trash.)

85% of the world's population doesn't get enough physical activity.

That's almost 2.3 billion gamers!



Less than 5% of gamers choose to spend in F2P games.

That's a $2 trillion dollar missed opportunity and really long number.




Consider us a metaverse plugin for your game.

Your economy powered by physical activity

Move in the real world, earn
in game currency in the virtual world. What could be better?

A new sales channel built on maximum effort

Convert non payers with our proprietary IAP offer engine that requires physical activity to be part of the transaction.

Leverage your game as a platform for health & social impact

Did you know that physical inactivity is now the 4th leading cause of global mortality?

Simple platform integration

Connect your game titles easily with our Unity® plugin or our super lightweight SDK.

Your very own admin portal

Invite team members and assign them roles or check out your dashboard to see reports on the KPIs that mean the most.

Manage your games and IAPs

Add and manage your enrolled games then add the IAPs you want to serve to Goplay users.

Advanced telemetry and fancy graphs

See at a glance how your IAPs are performing and how players are using their GoBits.

Convert non payers for the first time

Link your Stripe® account, sit back and watch your conversion rates (and revenue) sky rocket.


Trust in numbers.

We've surveyed over 2,000 gamers (some may even be yours). Here's what they said:


Mobile gamers said they would be likely to use the Goplay app.


Non payers who indicated they would be likely to spend for the first time.


Gamers who said they would be motivated to be more physically active.


Mobile gamers who said they would use the Goplay app at least 1-4 times per day.

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