Monetize gamers when they aren't playing your games.

Goplay's free and simple platform rewards a gamer's physical activity to motivate player spend outside of your game.

Our innovative revenue share model creates passive revenue for game developers and publishers 24 hours a day.
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"I have been working with the team at Goplay for some time. Very impressive group with an inspiring idea. Any mobile game devs looking for an innovative way to improve conversion metrics (who isn't) should give the Goplay platform a test drive."
Chip Lange
CEO, HiDef Games

How we create passive revenue for your games.

(Who doesn't love  mailbox money?)

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Watch our demo.

Take a look at our 45 second video to get a glimpse at how we are changing the world and your bottom line - and you can be a part of it.

Flexible integration options to fit your needs.

Secure direct integrations with the most popular gaming backend services or with your custom backend. Lightweight Unity® Package & Goplay SDK to support game linking and a shared user ID.
Unity Game Services available Spring 2023

How to get started.

Goplay's free solution couldn’t be easier. Learn how our tech seamlessly integrates with your game, with no impact on game play or your game's in app purchases.

1. Create an account.

Contact us to get access to our SDK and documentation. We'll help you get the SDK installed and tested. It's simple and on average takes a developer less than 1 hour.

2. Tell your gamers.

To get maximum value from partnering with our free platform, we need you to message your gamers. We can work with you to create any assets you might need.

3. Check the mailbox.

After 90 days we will start sending your revenue share via our direct integration with Stripe®. We know you'll be so impressed, you'll want to enroll all of your game titles.

Metaverse Plugin

Goplay is the world's first move-to-earn Metaverse Plugin built to seamlessly connect a gamer's physical and digital worlds.

Built by gamers for gamers of all ages.

See how you can help your gamers.

Earn GoBits for every step they take.
Exchange GoBits for in game currency.
Use GoBits to bonus IGC purchases.
Bet friends to step races.
Move more. Get healthier.
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